Sustainability is a natural part of our daily work

Sustainability is an important, high-priority area that is also growing in significance for us and our stakeholders; employees, customers, end consumers, shareholders and others. Sustainability is a natural part of our daily work as a large part of our business, which we provide through our products.

As a food company, it is important that we review how we operate, how our business uses resources and the impact we have on the world around us. An ambitious project was therefore initiated in the autumn of 2016 to enhance the sustainability efforts of the Midsona Group. These efforts will underpin how we continue to contribute to helping current and future generations to lead a healthier life.

Modern-day consumers are better informed about and more interested in sustainability, and often make their choices based on companies’ social and environmental accountability. They attach particularly great importance to how extensive and genuine these sustainability commitments are. This places new demands on the business. As sustainability rises further up the agenda of both managements and company boards, it becomes both a competitive factor and a business-critical issue, where work on strategy and communication can be crucial to success.

Midsona welcomes this trend. As a result of the acquisition of Kung Markatta and Helios, together with Urtekram we have three strong brands with products that are leaders in the field of sustainably produced foods. It is also a sign of the change now taking place at Midsona, where we are steadily advancing our position in corporate social responsibility.

Midsona's sustainability efforts were initiated by the Midsona Board in 2016. The work has involved both the Group’s management team and representatives from the business areas. This development has been underpinned by the sustainability profile of the Group's priority brands, the senior management's own aspirations and the perspectives of important stakeholder groups. Inspiration has been gathered from the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines, which Midsona follow in its sustainability reporting. The goal has been for the Group to adopt an integrated approach to sustainable development and boost the strong position we already hold in the Nordic market.

sustainable strategy

Midsona’s sustainability strategy is based on the Group’s vision, to contribute towards helping people to live a healthy life, and is based on a good understanding of our customers’ needs, our broad knowledge of health and our close relationships with our suppliers. Our sustainability efforts are pursued in three overall areas of emphasis. These direct our efforts to those areas where we can achieve the greatest benefit and where our commitments can be made in a way that is credible, both for us and for our stakeholders.


1. Promoting a healthy lifestyle
2. Safe products of high quality
3. Sustainable use of resources

Promoting a healthy lifestyle

What people eat and drink is an important part of the personal brand. This is driven by a strong health trend, combined with a desire to take responsibility for our environment. Foods consequently play an important role in a healthy lifestyle.

Safe products of high quality

Products maintaining high quality and being safe is crucially important for a food company. This also means that the resources that become our products must be of the highest possible quality, while being produced in sustainable and reasonable conditions.

Sustainable use of resources

Midsona's long-term commitment to contribute to health and well-being also means taking responsibility for future generations. It is therefore important to review how our business uses resources today, so that we will continue to be able to create value and benefit for all our stakeholders in the future.

We received very pleasing acknowledgement of our sustainability efforts during the first quarter of 2018. Urtekram was awared the prestigious title as winner in the food category, as Denmark's most sustainable brand. In the overall assessment, Urtekram takes 2nd place in the Sustainable Brand Index 2018 survey.  This is particularly pleasing because the index is based on direct consumer interviews. In the same survey in Sweden, Kung Markatta came in a very strong 12th.

You can click on the links alongside to read more about our efforts to develop the Midsona sustainability strategy, our areas of emphasis and how we plan to pursue our sustainability efforts.

Malmö, March 2018

Peter Åsberg
MD and CEO