The Midsona Share

Midsona's class A and class B shares is listed on NASDQ OMX Stockholm in the Mid Cap segment in the Fast-moving consumer goods sector under the tickers MSON A and MSON B.

The share capital in Midsona totals SEK 230,040,320, divided into 46 008 064  shares. There are 539,872 class A shares and 45 468 192 class B shares. One A share entitles the holder to 10 votes and one B share to one vote at General Meetings. The quotient value of the shares is SEK 5. All the shares carry equal entitlement to participation in the net assets and profits of the company.

Why Midsona's shares are attractive

A growing market

Midsona operates in a growing market, where growth is driven by consumer's increasing interest in their own health and well-being. Midsona holds a very strong position in organic health products, an area that is growing more than the overall market.

A leading position

Midsona holds a leading position in most of its sales channels, making MIdsona a preferred supplier and generating economies of scale. In 2016, Midsona strengthened its position in several channels, simultaneously establishing strong new positions in the Nordic market.

Strong brands

Midsona's strategy builds on strong brands that are continuously developed and supplemented through acquisitions and alliances. Eight brands are particularly in focus. The acquisitions of Urtekram and Internatural complement the Midsona range with strong brands, niched towards organic health products and food.

Clear and aggressive targets

Midsona has a clear mission and vision, aggressive growth targets, clear strategies and the financial organisational capacity to implement its plans.

Active in the consilidation of the market

Midsona is participating actively to consolidate the market for products in health and well-being primarily in the Nordic countries. Over the past five years, Midsona has acquired a number of companies, with the acquisition of Internatural in 2016 being the largest, with sales of approximately SEK 640 million prior to the acquisition.