In order to promote a healthy lifestyle for Midsona's stakeholders in a convincing manner, the company also needs to look at itself and work to help Midsona's co-workers to a healthier life.

We will continue the work of making Midsona an even better and more attractive workplace by:

  • making sure our co-workers have balance leisure time/work
  • actively working for diversity and equality in the organisation
  • continuing to develop the work with employee talks, employee surveys, safety at the workplace and education

Employee survey

Midsona's most recent employee survey was done in 2018 and was completed by 83 percent of the employees. A majority of the resondents said that they are aware of and can explain Midsona's vision and goals.

Among the criteria that received the highest marks by Midsona's employees were work tasks, employee commitment and the Group's management. In earlier employee surveys, internal information came up as a point for improvement. In this year's employee survey, internal information showed the higest level of improvement of all areas.

Balance leisure time/work was an area for improvement and in all countries areas for project Health 2019 have already been identified.

Equality and diversity

Midsona has a relatively equal gender distribution with 49 percent women and 51 percent men in total in the Group. Midsona works actively to improve the gender distribution in for example working teams by ensuring that:

  • working conditions suit all employees
  • instructions and criteria in setting salaries are fair and that wages are mapped
  • it is possible to combine work with parenthood
  • the gender distribution in the recruiting work team is looked at in recruitments

Midsona values the dynamics that arise through differences and believes that diversity in all areas will make Midsona's development even better, both at the individual level and in the teams. We have a diversity plan that helps us to work for diversity out in the organisation in order to better understand and meet the different needs of consumers and thereby improve the business opportunities.



       Sweden      140
       Norway     79
       Finland     24
       Denmark   138
       Germany     92