Midsona wants to be involved in influencing and increasing awareness of the importance of sustainability issues among the employees, as well as in society in general. Therefore, sustainability is an integrated part of Midsona's business.

The Board of Directors has the overall responsibility for Midsona working with a realistic agenda for sustainable development and has assigned Group Management the task of setting the direction for and controlling Midsona's sustainability work.

The Group Sustainability function has been created as an overall and cohesive function for the development of sustainability within Midsona. Managers for various sustainability issues and other experts in the Group have been identified. Other functions within Group Sustainability are interfunctional from all divisions, for example controlling, sustainability reporting and communication.

Midsona uses a reporting platform that gives the opportunity to systematically report results and progress. In the platform, we also set targets and make comparisons (see data in 2019 sustainability report)

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