Midsona vision is to become one of the European leaders in health and well-being and a key factor for us to achieve this vision is our ability to attract, develop and retain talented employees in various professional roles. This is achieved through a modern business culture with focus on health and well-being.

Midsona has around 530 employees (3 May 2018) in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Germany.

HR Strategy

Midsona shall be an attractive company with plenty of opportunities. Therefore, we attach great importance in a healthy working environment, health promotion activities and a good leadership.

healthy working environment

MIdsona shall be an attractive company to work at, employees shall feel appreciated and that they have opportunities for development. This is central to generating motivation and commitment.

Midsona works actively for employees to have a working environment that is as healthy, creative and developing as possible. For us, systematic work is a natural and integrated part of the continous, ongoing operations.


Even when we do not have any vacancies that suit you, feel free to contact us.


Midsona has around 380 employees in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland and they all have their unic competence and experience.

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