Nomination Committee

According to decision of Annual General Meeting 26 April 2017, Midsona has a Nomination Committee consisting of four members. One of the members is the chairman of the Board of Midsona and the remaining members are to be appointed by the three largest owners.

Nomination Committee for Annual General Meeting 2018:

Henrik Munthe (for Stena Adactum AB)

Elisabet Jamal Bergström (for Handelsbanken Funds)

Ulrika Danielson (for Second AP Fund)

Ola Erici (chairman of the Board of Midsona AB and convener of the Nomination Committee)

The Nomination Committee's assignment is to prepare proposals for:

-   Election of Chairman of the Annual General Meeting
-   Election of Chairman of the Board and other members of the Board
-   Remuneration for Chairman of the board and other Board members as well as for committee work
-   Election and remuneration of auditors
  Principles for appointment of nomination committee

Principles for appointment

Midsona's Nomination Committee consists of the Chairman of the Board and members appointed by the three largest shareholders.

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