Our objective

For Midsona, it is important to maintain a close relationship with our suppliers. In this way, we can ensure that we work with suppliers that are sustainable or that demonstrate strong development potential. We can then secure the availability of sustainable resources and protect our biodiversity.

• By 2025, 100 percent of our strategic suppliers must be classified in accordance with sustainable procurement.

• 100 percent of suppliers must have signed Midsona’s Supplier Code of Conduct.

Through local purchasing and proximity to our factories, Midsona also increases its control and transparency with regard to production and the supply chain. In the minds of consumers, local production is often associated with consistent and superior quality and consumer demand for locally grown products is clearly increasing.
To reduce the risks in the supply chain, we are also purchasing a larger proportion of raw materials directly from suppliers in the country of origin. Thereby reduce complexity in the supply chain, while increasing control and
transparency. This allows us to build strong partnerships and to drive change in agriculture and how our products are cultivated. Midsona takes both the social and environmental aspects of production into account.

Risk assessment of suppliers

Our objective

Midsona prioritises responsible sourcing at all levels. An important part of this is the risk assessment of suppliers, which is performed based on a number of identified critical criteria that must be met. The objective is for 100 percent of Midsona’s suppliers to be risk classified in accordance with the requirements for safe products and quality by 2025. Risk-based audits are to be conducted annually.

How Midsona will achieve its objectives

By mapping in our quality and sustainability risk assessment system, KODIAK, Midsona’s suppliers are classified as low, medium or high risk with regard to the extent to which they meet criteria for quality and product safety, geographical risk in accordance with BSCI, economic and environmental impact, business ethics, anti-corruption and health and safety. In addition to risk assessment, we perform additional physical, digital or written risk-based audits of suppliers who have identified risks. This creates a constructive dialogue and the opportunity to improve important processes. Together with the supplier, we can close gaps and remove deviations so that they meet Midsona’s quality requirements.

Supplier Code Of Conduct