Financial targets

Approved by the Board in May 2019

The target achievements below derive from Midsona's previous financial targets (for more information see Midsona's Annual Report 2018 page 42).

Target achievement 2018

>10 % growth

Net sales indreased by 32.2 percent, driven by organic growth and acquired business volumes.

>10 % EBIT margin

The EBIT margin, before items affecting comparability, amounted to 6.6 percent (7.2).

<2 times Net debt/EBITDA

The relationship between net debt and EBITDA on a rolling 12-month basis was 4.9 times (3.9) despite strong cash flow and improved earings. Periodically, the key ratio can be significantly higher than the target during a period following an acquisition, since the results of the acquisition have not yet achieved full impact in the key ratio calculation. 

>30 % Dividend of profit after tax

The dividend for fiscal year 2018 of SEK 1.25 corresponds to 44.7 (68.2) percent, meaning that the dividend target has been surpassed over the past six years