Wilh Sonesson is a company that has led the way in Skåne industry since it started in 1892. The company was established by the wholesaler Wilhelm Sonesson and was originally a wholesaling and trading business in the engineering industry. A large number of big industrial companies and present-day listed companies have their origins in the business of Wilh Sonesson.

The company has changed form several times over the course of a century and in 1966 was admitted to the Stockholm Stock Exchange. The company was re-listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange (Stockholmsbörsen) in 1999 and has had a health focus since 2001. Since 2006 the company's registered office has been back in Malmö, the city where it originated.

Wilh Sonesson acquired Midelfart at the end of December 2006, and in 2007 the name of the company was changed to Midelfart Sonesson AB.


Midelfart is a well-known Norwegian family firm established in 1923 by Ole Midelfart. The company, with registered office in Oslo, has been owned and managed by the Midelfart family for four generations and has a long tradition and great knowledge in health, beauty and well-being.


In conjunction with work on creating a common corporate identity and parallel strategic products with the aim of becoming an integrated group, the company's shareholders decided on 7 December 2010 to change the company's name to Midsona - a name that is also linked to the company's history.

At the same time a new logo and a new graphic design were presented to clarify Midsona as a leading Nordic company in health and well-being. With the new design we wish to convey a picture of Midsona as a modern, knowledgeable and innovative player that makes it easier for people to make their own contribution to a healthier everyday life.


Midsona acquired Danish company Urtekram International A/S in July 2015 and thus established Midsona in Denmark. Urtekram is the Nordic leader within organic food.


Midsona's acquisition of Internatural AB - with proprietary brands Kung Markatta and Helios - in July 2016 was the largest acquisition to date and took Midsona one step closer to achieiving the vision of being the Nordic leader within health and well-being.


In May 2017, Midsona presented a public takeover bid to the shareholders of Bringwell. As per July 2017, Midsona controls 98.2 percent of the total number of shares and votes and has requested redemption of the remaining shares.


In 2018, we began our journey into the rest of Europe when we acquired Davert GmbH, a pioneer in the German organic food industry founded in 1984 by Rainer Welke. Davert's brand and products complement Midsona's existing organic portfolio well.


in October 2019, Midsonas acquired Alimentation Santé and thereby established the group in France and Spain. Alimentation Santé's product portfolio, with leading brands Celnat and Vegetalia as well as the award-winning Happy Bio brand, strengthens and complements Midsona's existing organic and plant-based portfolio.