The Managing Director of the company, who is also CEO of the Group, is appointed by the Board of Directors.

Peter Åsberg is the CEO and is responsible for the on-going management in accordance with the Board's guidelines and instructions. In consultation with the Chairman of the Board, the CEO prepares the information the Board needs to conduct its work, presents matters and proposals for decision and keeps the Board informed of th company's development.

The CEO leads the work of Group Management and makes decisions in consultation with other members of the Group Management.


The Boards adopts written instructions for the work of the Managing Director that, among other things, clarify responsibilities for day-to-day management, the division of duties between the Board and the CEO, as well as the cooperation with and the information to the Board.


The board continuously evaluates the CEO's work and expertise. Once a year, an assesment is made without his presence.


CEO and Managing Director since December 2007

Born: 1966. Education: Graduate in business administration and economics

Chairman of the Board of Svensk Egenvård (The Swedish Self-care Organization). Peter was previously CEO of Cloetta Fazer Sweden and has held various positions in Procter & Gamble and Coca Cola.

Shareholding: 389,668 B shares and 60,000 warrants (2017/2020).

CEO Peter Åsberg