Warning about attempts of fraud

Midsona is warning about the e-mail address @abmidsona.com and the website www.abmidsona.com. This site and this e-mail address have no connection with Midsona AB, Midsona Sverige AB or any other part of the Midsona Group but seem to be used for false marketing. Midsona is taking measures to get the site closed as soon as possible.

The fraudulent scheme seems to be to trick people or companies into ordering and paying for goods without any delivery actually taking place. The products marketed include drinks and other foods.

Midsona also wants to warn about people who claim to work for Midsona Sverige AB but who in fact seem to be engaged in fraud. Names that have occurred in the fraudulent scheme are "Razisky", "Carlsson" and "Johnson", but their real identities are not known to Midsona.

Midsona has reported the website as a company name and trademark infringement but cannot itself report the fraud to the police as Midsona is not deceived directly. Midsona encourages anyone who comes across the above mentioned fraudsters to file a police report.