Safe high-quality products

Products being of high quality and safe is crucially important for a food company. This means that the resources that become our products must be of the highest possible quality, while being produced in sustainable conditions. Our broad knowledge of health increases our ability to check our purchasing to ensure that our products are of consistent and safe quality. At the same time, our close relationships with our suppliers mean that we can set clear requirements for the working environment and environmental impact. We consequently ensure that we also promote a healthy lifestyle among those we do business with.

Quality and safety are also a matter of ensuring that our products are correctly labelled so that our consumers receive the right information about ingredients and origin. Most of our consumers demand true and fair product information, and we have long given priority to meeting that demand. Having full control over and documentary evidence of what our foods contain is a major aspect of our quality assurance efforts, but is also a significant factor in our vision to help people to live a healthy life. We must also offer reliable dietary supplements to those who need supplements on top of what their diet provides them with.