About sustainability Midsona

Our sustainability vision
Midsona's sustainability strategy is based on the Group's vision of contributing to helping people live a healthy life. What a healthy life means is an individual and usually highly personal matter. Our interpretation is that it is a case of being able to feel well without this being at the cost of the possibility of current and future generations also feeling well. Our products will be available to you and enable you to gain strength and energy to live a long, healthy and sustainable life.

A strategy built on strength
Our sustainability strategy is underpinned by the strengths we have developed over more than 15 years in the food industry. By drawing on our core skills, we ensure that our sustainability work is carried out in the best possible way and in line with our vision.

- Knowledge of health
Over the years we have accumulated thorough knowledge of health and have gained a good insight into the key role that food plays in our day-to-day well-being. This knowledge is an important source of inspiration in our product development, but also a significant principle to follow in doing what is best for our employees.

- Consumer understanding
We have built up a very good understanding of the needs of our consumers, which we steadily develop through regular business intelligence and analysis of new trends. We consequently ensure that we are in tune with our times and that our products keep up to date with our consumers’ tastes, interests and life situations.

- Close supplier relationships
The actual building blocks in enabling us to offer products that contribute to living a healthy life are our supplier relationships. These enable us to ensure, throughout the value chain, that our products are of the highest possible quality. Thanks to the strength of our relationships, we can also set requirements, and in so doing contribute to our suppliers also acting in a responsible and sustainable way.

Areas of emphasis for Midsona's sustainability efforts
Practical sustainability work will take place in three specific areas of emphasis. These will direct our efforts to where we can attain most benefit both for us and for our stakeholders, and in so doing ensure the greatest impact for our undertakings and commitments. This work is based on our ethical guidelines, which dictate how we ourselves act and how we monitor the work done by our suppliers. These issues come under what we call Governance, see the table for further details.

Our areas of emphasis contain the sustainability issues we have found to be most materially significant for us and for our stakeholders. Read more about how work in each sustainability area of emphasis will take place on the following pages.