Understanding and capturing contemporary trends is crucial for Midsona's capacity to fulfill its mission; to help people to a healthier life.

Better health is a global challenge

Health and well-being are linked to development, prosperity and growth. In keeping with growing prosperity and rapid urbanisation, the proportion of the population able to pursue a moderna lifestyle is increasing. The interest in health and well-being can be broken down into several trends that guide consumption patterns, for example the desire to live an active life, the rise of the organic and the sustainable, for products to be natural, fresh and preferably locally produced, and free from additives.

We are what we eat

Increased awarness of the importance of food is a major global trend. This manifests itself partly in the form of an increased distrust of processed foods, as well as an increased interest in the origins of raw ingredients, what food contains and what a balanced and healthy diet entails.

Sensitivity to certain foods affect choices. Almost two-thirds of respondents say they follow a diet that limits or prohibits the use of certain foods and ingredients.

Choice of brands strengthens one's personal brand

Food and drink will increasingly contribute to create and strengthen one's personal brand. Choosing organic foods creates an image that what you eat is healthy and good for the planet. The personal branding trend also encompasses what shops one chooses.

Nordic consumers are generally trend-sensitive and thus pioneers who embrace new trends early.

Identifying trends is a priority

Watching out for shifts in trends and for entirely new trends is a priority in Midsona's work. All employees working in sales, marketing and product development attend as many events as they can to monitor trends, including the major food fairs. It is important to monitor what is written, also by end users, to keep abreast of their thinking on health, well-being and organic products.

Product development

Midsona is a consumer products company. We are sensitive to new market trends and changing consumer behaviours. Both the development of new products and sales channels are characterised by frequent innovation.

Increased health awareness is creating an innovative market, and constant development of new products is taking place internationally. The contents of the products are often based on traditional ingredients, but the way in which they are combined, packed and marketed is new.

Active product development improves our competitiveness, secures our volumes and increases our growth. We have therefore developed a systematic product development process that allows a product to progress from concept to shop in six months. Our process has proven to work well. Of the product ideas that have been given the green light in our innovation process, most has progressed to being listed in one or more sales channels. We have also been able to ascertain the success of our products.