Midsona's main market is the Nordic countries and Germany. Some of our products are sold on other markets, for example one of our largest brand Urtekram, is sold in all of the EU, Russia, Middle East, Asia and North America.

The over-all trend in Europe is the realization of the value of a balanced diet. Plant-based foods is a clear trend and a large proportion of the population in Europe say they are flexetarians, vegetarians or vegans.


Midsona should be where the consumers are. Accordingly, the Group does not exlude any channels, although some are prioritised based on size. The sales department is structured according to the size of each customer or channel or the scope of the potential.

Midsona has a well-defined structure for the sales processes in all the business areas. The basis entails working centrally with large customers in FMCG and health food retail. Other significant channels are food service, pharmacy chains, e-commerce and other specialist retailers. In Germany, however, still a large part of the products are sold through health food retail or specialty stores for organic products.

Products sales by sales channel

Product sales by sales channel