We are dedicated to reduce our negative impact on the environment well documented and incorporated routines for the development of new products as well as the production and transportation of them.

In order to reduce our emissions and contribute towards achieving the goals of the 2015 international Paris Climate Agreement, Midsona has joined its trade association DLF Sweden’s 2025 Transportation Initiative. In signing the initiative, Midsona affirms its voluntary commitment to end the use of fossil fuels in all our Swedish entities by 2025. In addition to that, Midsona has also chosen to commit to end our use of fossil fuels in the rest of the Midsona Group by 2030.

During fall 2020, Midsona committed to the Science Based Target Initiative to set a science-based target within 24 months. SBTi is an initiative by CDP, UN Global Compact, WRI and WWF. The organisation has approved our committment.


In Midsona's work to reduce our negative impact on the environment, we support six of the global targets for a sustainable development.

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Access to adequate and nutritious food to everyone

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Reduce the number of diseases and deaths due to pollution

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Access to sustainable, reliable and renewable energy and clean fuel

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Achieve sustainable development by reducing our ecological footprint and changing the way we produce and consume goods and resources

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Through education, innovation and compliance with our climate commitments, make the necessary changes to protect the planet

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Achieve goals through global partnerships and collaborations