Core values


Each individual is responsible for their own health, but in various ways, Midsona provides health-promoting activities that improve conditions for employees to remain healthy in the long term.

An equal-oportunities company

Midsona is a company that promotes equal opportunities and inclusiveness, to bring new ideas, perspectives and different behaviour and practices into the company.

The proportion of women in the Group was 57 percent (60) at year end 2017/2018. The proportion of women on the Midsona Board of Directors is 43 percent (50)) and the proportion of women senior executives was 37 percent (45) at the end of 2017.


Midsona's managers have a responsibility to develop the individuals and the organization, and therefore a common platform for leadership linked to our values ​​is essential for Midsona's continued success.

Performance reviews

Midsona works actively with performance reviews and follow-up meetings for all employees according to a well established process. The goal is that all our employees should know Midsona's vision and mission, get motivated by it and participate and take responsibility for our success. Also all employees should be aware of their personal goals, get feedback and be able to discuss personal development needs.

UN Global Compact

Midsona has joined the UN Global Compact Initiative launched by Kofi Annan at the World Economic Forum in 1999. The Initiative is built on ten key issues and the goal is to long-term improvement within the areas of human rights, labor, environment and corruption. Midsona's Code of Conduct is based on the ten key issues.