Midsona's products fall under the categories of food, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, cosmetics and chemical technology products, all of which are subject to rigorous safety requirements, and Midsona is the guarantor for the brands and products included in the company's operations being safe to use. The company complies with current European legislation for the various product groups and at least equally extensive legislation on marketing and production. Practical supervision is exercised by authorities in the relevant countries.

Product safety and quality are the foundation of a food company. This means that the raw materials that go into our products must be of the highest possible quality, at the same time as they are produced under sustainable conditions. Our broad spectrum of health expertise increases our ability to control purchases to ensure that our products maintain a consistent and reliable level of quality.

Quality and safety are also about ensuring that our products are properly labelled so that our consumers receive the proper information regarding content and origin. A majority of our consumers demand accurate product information, which we have long prioritised.

All products under brands Urtekram and Kung Markatta are organic. This means that the products are pure, natural and free from additives. A large number of the products are KRAV and Fairtrade certified. Also - since we travel all over the world to find the best ingredients - we compensate for all transports made under brand Kung Markatta. Go to websites Kung Markatta and Urtekram for more detailed information.