Most sustainable brand in Denmark

Midsona's brand Urtekram came in first place in the prestigious Sustainable Brand Index 2017 Denmark

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More than 30,000 consumers have been interviewed for the largest sustainability study in Scandinavia. Read more 

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Kung Markatta came in ninth place

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The same study voted Kung Markatta as the ninth most sustainable brand 2017 in Sweden, from a nineteenth place in 2016

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Sustainable work

To Midsona, sustainable work means a responsibility for our products, for our impact on the environment and also a social responsibility. Midsona operates in a society that we depend on and contribute to in various ways and sustainability issues have become increasingly important, especially in the food industry.

Alongside Urtekram, the acquisitions of Kung Markatta and Helios mean we now have three strong brands with leading products in the category of sustainably-produced foods. 

Vision and Strategy

Focused sustainability work throughout Midsona commenced in the autumn of 2016. A global vision and strategic approach was implemented internally in 2017. The project was initiated by the Midsona board.

Starting 2017, we report our sustainability work in accordance with the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) guidelines.

About sustainability in Midsona